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If you enjoy sharing our refreshing CBD
drinks then you’ll love making even
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Brand Partners have double the fun

When you join our annual Brand Partner membership you immediately
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There is no limit to the amount of Instant Cash you can earn
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Get the Royalty Treatment
Receive royalties and revenue-sharing bonuses

As a Brand Partner, you have the opportunity
to receive royalties on your referrals
and revenue-sharing bonuses.

For the small annual membership fee
you get the incredible opportunity to earn
an uncapped income in multiple ways.

Make a real income without the hassle and expense of starting a traditional business
Make money quickly and easily by sharing the drinks you already love and use

There’s never been a better time to become an online influencer and with
Crescendo CBD drinks and our Brand Partner membership, you can make money
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Our Brand Partner membership is carefully curated to give you a truly profitable
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(The business you run from your phone)
Elite Subscription (For Brand Partners only)

We will pay you to give away FREE samples

Earn $5 each time a customer orders a FREE
sample using your unique link

Send to an UNLIMITED number of people

The company ships the samples for you

Unlimited use of our corporate sales funnel

Earn 3X Instant Cash on every product order

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